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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-I have been diagnosed with cancer, when will my hair fall out?
A-If you are going to lose your hair it is typically 2-3 weeks after beginning therapies, each person is different and that is why we make private consultations to evaluate the extent of your loss or expected hair loss.

Q-Who can help me with hair loss?
A-Before you experience hair loss you should consult a professional , I will be able to match your hair color & texture to find the most suitable hair piece for you, and experiment with different styles. I encourage you bring a family member or friend for added support and a second opinion.

Q-Why does hair fall out?
A-According to Dana Farber cancer institute, cancer cells multiply rapidly and grow quickly, so does your hair cells. Radiation and Chemo are designed to destroy any fast growing cells and cannot differentiate between your cancer and your hair cells. Therefore the treatment affects your hair at the root and causes hair loss.

Q-When will my hair grow back?
A-Hair growth is different for different people and treatments, however typically hair does not begin to grow back for 6-12 months after treatment is complete.

Q-Do I have options beside old ugly wigs?
A-Wraps and wigs have come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of the VERY obvious poorly styled, ill fitted wigs of yesteryear. Now, wigs not only are natural and beautiful but when properly fitted will provide you years of comfort and confidence.

Q-What hair piece options are available for me?
A-Wraps, Prostheses (wigs) natural or synthetic, scarves and caps.

Q-Can't I just buy a wig online?
A- There are many businesses selling wigs online, however wigs are a personal item. They need to be fitted to your scalp, need to match color and texture and be styled. An out-of-the-box wig is never a ready-to-wear wig and can be a very costly mistake.

My decades of experience allows me to make positive recommendations, let you feel and try on samples and find the best look for your face and lifestyle.